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Nizam’s case: Great-grandson claims Rs 121 crore | Hyderabad News – Times of India


Himayat Ali Mirza

HYDERABAD: The £35 million (Rs 332 crore) Hyderabad Fund case is likely to see more legal wrangles with a great-grandson of Nizam VII, Mir Osman Ali Khan, mulling “necessary legal proceedings” in the United Kingdom for access to the confidential and secret settlement between the Indian government, Mukarram Jah and Muffakham Jah, grandsons of the last Nizam, and the administrator of the estate of the Nizam.
As per the secret agreement, the administrator of the Nizam’s estate had got only £400,000 of the £35 million, while a major portion of the money was shared between the two grandsons and the Indian government. The legal heirs of the last Nizam would get a share in the money allocated to the administrator. Nizam’s great-grandson Himayat Ali Mirza said his share in the English Estate, comprising the funds, is 36%, including the share of his mother Fatima Fouzia and his uncle Shahmat Ali Jah, which is about £12.6 million (Rs 121 crore) of the funds left behind by the Nizam in his English Estate.
Himayat Ali Mirza is the son of Fatima Fauzia, daughter of Nizam’s second son Moazzam Jah. He said he would explore legal possibilities to seek access to the confidential and secret settlement “to understand the reason as to why legitimate legal heirs of the Nizam have been deprived so heavily from the funds of the Nizam”. He told TOI that he would also take necessary legal advice for initiation of other ancillary civil and criminal proceedings both in jurisdictions of India and the United Kingdom to ensure disbursement of the funds to legitimate legal heirs only.
Mirza said he approached the court on April 24, seeking access to the confidential settlement agreement and relevant documents. After filing of the application notice, the administrator said the confidential settlement and connected documents were part of the records of a separate confidential proceeding. Based on this, Himayat Ali Mirza withdrew his application notice. He said pursuant to the withdrawal, his application notice was dismissed as withdrawn on July 22 before Justice Marcus Smith. “I categorically put it on record that my application notice was not dismissed on merit,” he said.

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