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Thief who stole Rs 90 lakh from Hyderabad firm caught in Gujarat | Hyderabad News – Times of India


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HYDERABAD: In a case involving inter-state travel during the time of pandemic, Hyderabad police caught a thief who stole Rs 90 lakh cash from a businessman and fled to Gujarat. Despite the Covid-19 scare, cops are still pursuing inter-state investigations in important cases while following all safety precautions.
On July 13, Abids police received a complaint from Ravindera Majethiya, who runs a finance firm, NK & Co in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Majethiya alleged that Rakesh Kannara, who is a friend of his employee, Jay Kumar, had stolen Rs 90 lakh cash from their Hyderabad office in Jagdish Market, Abids.
Police team verified the CCTV camera footage and found out that Babu Kannara alias Rakesh Kannara went to Patancheru in an auto from Abids. Police also questioned Majethiya’s Hyderabad office employees, Jay Kumar and Mohith. Jay told that Rakesh confined him in the room by tying up his arms and legs with a duct tape and took his cell phone. From Jay’s cell phone, Rakesh sent messages to Mohith asking him not to disturb him for few hours. Rakesh also sent messages to Mohith from Jay’s phone instructing him to collect Rs 90 lakh cash from two persons in the city and keep it in the office, Abids police said.
After Mohith kept the cash in the office and went out, Rakesh picked up the money and fled from the city. Though Rakesh switched off his known phone numbers, police managed to identify one number he was using and they tracked him to Surat. Rakesh travelled in trucks from Telangana to Gujarat via Karnataka and Maharashtra. He paid Rs 14 lakh advance to a Hyundai showroom in Surat to purchase a SUV.
“As he reached the car showroom to take delivery of the SUV, our team nabbed him. Almost the entire amount of stolen money was recovered. After the health checkup our team brought the accused to city on a transit warrant in the third week of July. On Monday, our team took him into custody for questioning,” Central Zone DCP P Viswa Prasad said.

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